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Climate/Environment - Highly Effective Schools Through Libraries

Highly Effective Schools Through Libraries: Every Student Succeeds - Climate/Environment Exemplar


Program Standard 4 - CLIMATE/ENVIRONMENT 

The library is an irresistible learning space that is adaptable at point of need. Learners and community members are able to easily use the space for a wide variety of activities and learning.  Materials are easy to access by many different types of learners. The community views the teacher-librarian and/or library staff as warm, welcoming, and trusting professionals. Students feel their voice is valued by the TL and/or library staff.

Component A: Flexibility/Adaptability:
The library space has movable furniture and bookshelves so that the space can easily be rearranged for many different types of learning opportunities (collaborative, social, quiet, creativity, manipulatives, technology, etc). The TL and/or library staff also works with administration for funding opportunities to ensure the furniture can be easily rearranged as needed for differing learning opportunities.  The librarian and/or library staff collaborate with the administration and school community to ensure the library space is available at point of need.

Component B: Appealing
The library is a space that is irresistible and fosters curiosity and wonderment. The decor, furniture, and materials set a warm and inviting tone. Additional criteria that indicates an appealing space:
  • A majority of shelves have ample ‘breathing room’ and are not overly crowded.
  • Out-facing displays and display areas
  • Comfortable seating
  • Natural light, when possible.
  • Friendly checkout point and/or or self-checkout station(s).
Students, staff, and community members describe the library as a thriving and essential place in which they enjoy learning in multiple ways.

Component C: Safe and Welcoming Space
The library space is one that students and staff feel safe and welcomed in. The library staff and/or librarians communicate space expectations in a positive way as opposed to a punitive/negative way. Library signage is easy to understand and follow by all who use the space. The library space ensures that users enjoy comfortable, ergonomic furniture, materials, and technology access that accommodate all users. The librarian/library staff honor student voice in library space decision making.
1. Please complete the following questions. *This question is required.
2. Please visit the Highly Effective Schools Through Libraries Guiding Document to help you provide effective evidence of library climate/environment.  

We encourage you to have a collegial discussion with your administrator about the 3 components
included in this application. The below questions and evidence look-fors may be helpful in this discussion.

  • How is the Teacher Librarian and/or library space available for staff and students at point of need?
  • How does the Teacher Librarian use the space to provide collaborative opportunities as well as opportunities for students/staff to pursue independent inquiry?
  • How is this library space irresistible for its users?
We will award the exemplar based on the criteria below.
  • Evidence of easy access to teacher-librarian and/or library support staff
  • Evidence that teacher-librarian and/or support staff provides guidance with respect and encourages interests and POV of students
  • Evidence that community (students, staff, and families) have input in library design and space
  • Evidence that students feel welcomed and desire to be in the library
  • Evidence that library is flexibly designed to meet a wide variety of needs
In order to be eligible for the environment exemplar, the Teacher Librarian must provide at least two quality artifacts that demonstrate a warm, inviting, and flexible use of the library space. 

(A) Student/Staff Perception Survey
(B) Video clip of library (includes a library/Teacher Librarian in action!) with narration or reflective notes.
(C) Non-librarian testimonials from staff, students, parents, community, etc.
(D) Narrative that includes description of how library space is flexible and inviting for community

The applicant will provide sufficient evidence of how he/she is exemplary in this standard. 

*Be sure the teacher librarian's name is on the documents.
​**Please note: All documents should be edited to remove students' personal identifying information (PII).
***If you achieve the credential, your evidence may be used as an example with future applicants.  If using photos and/or videos with student participants be sure to follow your district's permissions and policies.

Allowable document formats are png,gif,jpg,jpeg,doc,xls,docx,xlsx,pdf,txt,mov,mp3,mp4.  There is limited file sizes.  If your video or file does not download, please contact Tammy Langeberg at to use a different format. *This question is required.

To help us understand why you are recommending your teacher-librarian or library staff, we want to give you the opportunity to share why she/he is worthy of this credential.  Use a narrative format to share detailed information with examples of their effectiveness. Upload the document(s) here. Tammy Langeberg may contact you or your teacher librarian/library staff to collect more evidence or with questions about the information you provided.

Allowable document formats are png,gif,jpg,jpeg,doc,xls,docx,xlsx,pdf,txt,mov,mp3,mp4 and no larger than 500K per document.  If you are unable to download your documents, contact Tammy Langeberg at to try a different way to share. *This question is required.
4. Supervisor/Administrator
By signing this form, you are verifying that information you entered is correct, factual, and provided by you.  The credential that is awarded to your Teacher Librarian requires your recommendation and professionalism.  Thank you for your submission. *This question is required.
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5. Teacher Librarian/Library Staff
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