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Governance Action Plan

Introduction and Demographics


Welcome to the Governance Action Plan (G.A.P.) questionnaire. This online survey provides a quick and easy evaluation to help you determine whether your corporate governance system is performing effectively or whether there is room for improvement. After completing the questionnaire, we will analyse your responses and provide you with a personalised report with recommendations as to how to improve your governance practices.

Get your colleagues to take it

The results of the G.A.P. will represent your personal perception of how your governance system is performing. Your perception may differ from the perception others, so having your colleagues complete the survey will give you a more complete picture of how your organisation’s governance shapes up.

Identify where your board needs support

Completion of the G.A.P. will help you to identify areas where you could do with a little support as well as provide practical tips to help improve your governance. (Please note: Any personal information you provide when completing this survey will be protected by Effective Governance in accordance with the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).)

Survey framework

The G.A.P. questionnaire consists of 20 questions based around the Corporate Governance Practice Framework® shown below. We have developed this framework as the basis for the analysis, development and enhancement of a leading practice corporate governance system.

Corporate Governance Practice Framework

The framework highlights five major components of developing an effective corporate governance program, namely:

  • Defining Governance Roles: delineating the role of the board and key players in the governance system
  • Key Board Functions: elaborating the critical activities that a board performs and defining performance expectations
  • Effective Governance: the procedures and processes which lay the foundation for continuing improvement in corporate governance
  • Improving Board Processes: enhancing the administrative functions and processes of the board
  • Board Behavioural Dynamics: looks at the behaviours and dynamics around the boardroom table that contribute to board performance and ultimately to organisational performance.
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