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RVLove Survey

We want to get to know you better!

We're passionate about creating even more great content for RVers and that's why we need your help. You're a valued member of our community and by answering these few questions it will help us deliver more of what you want. It will only take 1-2 minutes and we deeply value your time and input, so thank you in advance! Marc & Julie.

1. What kind of RVer are you (or planning to be)?
2. How do you currently keep up with our content? Check as many as you wish.
3. Which topics most interest you? Select your top 5.
4. What are your preferred ways to consume content? Check your top 5.
5. What devices do you mostly use to consume content? Check all relevant answers.
6. Which description best describes your situation/needs as an RVer?
7. What is your age group?
We appreciate your time and feedback in helping us create even more great content to maximize your RVing journey! Stay tuned for more developments and as you see them unfold, just remember that you were a part of it. Have a great day! Best of LIFE, Marc & Julie of :)