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Northland Survey

We need your input on the future of the site formerly known as Northland Center!
The City of Southfield has launched an initiative to study and make recommendations for Northland Center.
Please share your views to help develop a plan for the future of the Northland Center.

1. Did you visit the Northland Center Mall? If so, how frequently?
2. What were your primary reasons for visiting the Northland area? Check all that apply.
3. If you were able to redevelop the Northland property, please rate each of the following initiatives on how important they would be to the improvement of Northland Property. 0 being ‘not important’ and 5 being ‘very important’:
Space Cell Not important--Somewhat important--Very important
More shops and stores to visit
More restaurants and pubs to visit
More parks and recreational spaces
More community entertainment and events
More family-friendly events and activities
New buildings for retail and offices
Greater housing diversity
4. Please prioritize the following physical improvements on how beneficial they would be as part of the Public Space as part of the Northland redevelopment. 0 being “not beneficial” and 12 being “very beneficial”: Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
Thank you for sharing your ideas about the redevelopment of Northland.
The next questions help us ensure we’ve reached a broad and balanced audience of residents.

Your answers are completely anonymous.

5. What do you consider your primary source for getting information about the City of Southfield?
6. Which of the following groups do you most identify with? Check all that apply:
7. Which category best describes your age?
Thank you for completing our survey and helping to shape the future of Northland Center!​