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Brooklyn Free Speech TV & Radio Equipment & Studio Reservations / Cancellation Form

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PLEASE READ Carefully. Failure to do so may result in denial or cancellation of a reservation. 

Due to public health concerns about Coronavirus (Covid-19), BRIC will be making reservations for curbside pickup and studio on a limited basis. Producers will be allowed into the building for reservation purposes only. Walk-ins are NOT allowed. 

Please read on for hours of operations and guidelines for BRIC’s Covid-19 protocols. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in denial, or cancellation, of a reservation, a hold on an offending producers account, and possible suspension. There will be NO walk-ins allowed at this time. 

PLEASE NOTE: As of 9/13, proof of vaccination (at least one shot), a temperature check and health screening form, and the wearing of a mask are required to enter any BRIC facility. 

BRIC Media Center Hours

BRIC staff will be strictly adhering to these guidelines in an effort to maintain public safety. Failure to comply with BRIC’s guidelines will result in denial or cancellation of a reservation, a hold on an offending producers account or suspension. 

(All reservations will be made in half hour increments, i.e. the first pickup of the day will be at 12pm and the next reservation will be 12:30pm. There will be NO reservations made between these half hour increments.) 

Producers are not required to come into a BRIC facility to pick up equipment on their reservation. Public Equipment staff will bring equipment outside for any producer that does not want to enter a BRIC facility.

If a producer chooses to enter a BRIC facility, they will be required to adhere to the following. 


  1. All producers MUST wear masks when entering any BRIC facility. NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to wear a mask will result in immediate cancellation of your reservation and a possible hold or suspension. 
  2. If you feel you may have been exposed to Covid-19 or if you feel ill please do not come to BRIC. Contact Public Equipment and reschedule your pickup or return.
  3. In order to follow social distancing guidelines producers' reservations will be staggered so that they don’t arrive at the same time. Reserving producers will be given an exact time for their pickup and drop off. Failure to arrive ON TIME for a pickup or drop off will result in cancellation of your reservation with a possible hold or suspension. No exceptions 
  4. All producers who enter BRIC facilities will be required to have a temperature check and fill out BRIC’s Covid-19 building entry form. Refusal to do so will result in the immediate cancellation of your reservation. No exceptions.
  5. In an effort to keep staff and the community safe, eating will not be allowed within BRIC facilities. 
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