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Chauffeur Training: 1. Welcome to Blacklane

Welcome to Blacklane

What does Blacklane do?

Blacklane, founded in 2011, provides an affordable and reliable professional chauffeur service to travelers in more than 50 countries around the world.

We connect guests with licensed and insured chauffeurs to create a consistently exceptional experience. Travelers receive five-star service with all-inclusive fares guaranteed at the time of the booking. All you need to do is deliver a great guest experience and we take care of the rest.

Our global headquarters are in Berlin, Germany, and we have hubs located in Singapore, Los Angeles, Brisbane, and Dubai. 

Company Vision

Blacklane provides peace of mind as you move through a fast-paced world.

Vehicle Classes and Eligibility

We partner with licensed chauffeur companies around the world that meet our quality standards and offer vehicles in one or more of our select service classes:

  • Business Class (max. 3 passengers, 2 pieces of luggage)
  • Business Van/SUV (max. 5 passengers, 5 pieces of luggage)
  • First Class (max. 3 passengers, 2 pieces of luggage)

There is no limit to the size of your operation: we have partners that range from one-person operations to multinational companies with thousands of vehicles.


Pricing and Payment

All available ride offers are listed in the BL Chauffeur app. Offers have transparent pricing and are visible to all active Blacklane partners within the same business district.

The offer price increases in set time increments, and you will see the countdown to the next price increase in the app. The ride offer will be displayed in the app until it’s accepted by a Blacklane partner.
The price that you accept the ride for is the amount that will be transferred to your account — we deduct no taxes or fees. The price is calculated by our customer-facing system and is based on distance and time. Payments are made monthly from Blacklane, directly via bank transfer or PayPal.

Common Terms

Before reviewing our processes and quality standards, and before your first Blacklane ride, here are some common terms you’ll see throughout the training:

Transfer rides:
Rides where you pick the guest up at a predetermined address and drop them off at another predetermined address. 

Standard transfer Ride:
A standard transfer ride is a pickup from a regular address that is not an airport or train station. There is a 30-minute mandatory wait time for standard transfer rides. The guest receives 15 minutes of complimentary wait time, and you will be reimbursed for the additional waiting time if the ride is performed. 

Airport and train station pickup:
An airport or train station pickup is a transfer ride from an airport or a train station. These rides differ from standard transfer rides as they include 60 minutes of complimentary wait time for the guest. You are always required to track the flight or train arrival and adjust the pickup time accordingly.

Hourly ride:
Hourly rides are booked by the hour. The hourly booking usually includes 20 kms per hour of service (this can differ depending on business district). Hourly bookings will have no specified dropoff address but a specified time duration instead. 

Fastest route:
The price you accept a transfer ride at in the auction system is the price to transfer the guest from point A-B, regardless of the route. Blacklane will always expect you to take the fastest route to get the guest to their destination.

Passenger no-show:
If a guest does not show up after the mandatory waiting time has passed, and you are unable to reach them by phone, then you need to contact Blacklane to report a no-show before you can be authorized to leave the location.

Buffer time:
For airport pickups, the pickup time is not necessarily the same as the flight arrival time. The time between the flight landing and the scheduled pickup time is called buffer time. For airport pickups, you are required to track the flight and adjust your pickup time accordingly, but it is important to respect the requested buffer time between landing and pickup time. An example would be a flight landing at 10:00 and the scheduled pickup time is 10:15 — a buffer time of 15 minutes between flight arrival and pickup time. If the flight is delayed by 30 minutes, then the new flight arrival time is 10:30, and the new pickup time would be 10:45. 

Chauffeur permissions:
The BL Chauffeur app and the Partner Portal offer features dependent on the assigned chauffeur permissions. The person who registers their company with Blacklane will automatically have all five chauffeur permissions. The five chauffeur permissions: 

  • Driver: Can only see and perform the rides that have been assigned to them. They will also be able to assign vehicles to rides they have been assigned.
  • Provider: Can see and accept open offers in the BL Chauffeur app or in the Partner Portal. This user can see the prices of rides.
  • Reviewer: Can see and review the rides of your company that need to be reviewed. This user can also see the prices of rides.
  • Dispatcher: Can see both your company’s planned and finished rides, and will be able to change the assigned chauffeurs and vehicles.
  • Admin: Can change the chauffeur permissions of all users in the company. They can also change the contact details of all users in the company and add new chauffeurs and vehicles to the account. This user can see the prices of rides.

Introduction Video


Click here for the first training module.

You need to go through the following training modules to complete the training:
Chauffeur App: The Basics 
Chauffeur App: Managing Rides
Waiting Time Policy 
Partner Portal
Reviewing Rides 
Guidelines, Quality Standard and Incentives 
How to Avoid Incidents 
Safety Guidelines & Emergency Procedures 

Click here to start your training. You may use the links above if you want to go back to finish training modules at a later date. Please make sure to use the same email address for all training modules.


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