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Chauffeur Training: 2. Chauffeur App: The Basics

BL Chauffeur App: The Basics

In this module we will go through the basics of the BL Chauffeur app. This will give you a good understanding of how to use the chauffeur app.


Setup the App

Log in to the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) and download the BL Chauffeur app.

Note: the app icon for the Blacklane guest app and the Blacklane chauffeur app look the same. Please download the BL Chauffeur app, which looks like this:

You can only access the app when you have completed the onboarding process. To use the BL Chauffeur app, you will need to activate the GPS tracking.

You will be prompted by a “Go to settings” notification when you log in to your app. Click the notification and it will take you to the location settings for the BL Chauffeur app.

On this page (both iOS and Android), you will need to set the location access to “Always”.
We will only track your location during a ride, more specifically when the ride status is between “On the way” and “Finished”. The reason? We don’t want to lose valuable data when the phone is in sleep mode during your ride.

The Overview Screen

Note: This video is based on the iOS version of the app. The Android app might differ slightly.

Overview screen in the BL Chauffeur app

Select a Default Vehicle

You can select a vehicle that will be automatically assigned to your future rides. This will prevent you from having to specify your vehicle for every new ride you perform.

Select a Default Vehicle

It is crucial that the correct vehicle is assigned when you perform a ride.
If you have a default vehicle set, then you will need to manually change it in the BL Chauffeur app or Partner Portal if you decide not to use the chosen default vehicle for a ride.

Blacklane Rides

The three types of Blacklane rides:


  • Transfer rides: Rides where you pick the guest up at a predetermined address and drop them off at another predetermined address.
  • Hourly rides: Hourly rides are booked by the hour. Hourly bookings will have no specified dropoff address but a specified time duration instead. You pick the guest up at a predetermined address and take them where requested within the set time frame and set kms within your business district.
  • Long Distance Rides: Long distance Rides are rides over 200km long. These rides are specificaly labled as Long Distance in the chauffeur app.
  • The offer will have a pickup point and a dropoff point.
  • The distance of the ride will be specified.
  • The offer will show the pickup point.
  • The offer will include the total time duration.
  • The offer will be labeled "Long Distance Ride" to make it easily distinguishable.

The Offers Screen

Note: Depending on your assigned chauffeur permissions, your app may look different. With the Provider permission you can see and accept offers. We will cover chauffeur permissions more in the Partner Portal training module.

Offers Screen BL Chauffeur app

Additional comments section

  • Before accepting a ride, always review the special requests found in the additional comments box to ensure you can accommodate.

Prices in the Auction system

  • The price that you accept a ride for in the auction system is the amount that will be transferred to your account — we deduct no taxes or fees. Please remember that your accepted offer price covers all costs for the ride including tips, tolls, and parking fees.

Filter ride offers

  • Use the filters feature in the offers screen to see only the rides that work for you. For example, if you have an airport dropoff, but no one to pick up from the airport, then you can filter the offers by “airport pickups” with your desired date and may easily find rides that fit your criteria. This saves you time and optimizes your planning.

The Planned rides screen & Finished Rides Screen

Note: Only users with the Dispatcher permission can assign rides to other chauffeurs. Users with only the Driver permission will only be able to see and conduct rides that have been assigned to them.
Chauffeur permissions will be covered further in the Partner Portal training module.


Planned & Finished rides

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