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Chauffeur Training: 3. Chauffeur App: Managing Rides

BL Chauffeur App: Managing Rides

The aim of this training module is for you to better understand how to use the BL Chauffeur app to manage your rides.


Note: This video is based on the iOS version of the app. The Android app might differ slightly.



It is extremely important to always press the “60min prior pick up” button between 60 minutes to 90 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. Why?

  • Pressing the button triggers a text message to the guest with the chauffeur’s name and contact details.
  • Pressing the button also informs Blacklane that you are heading to the pickup location.
  • Forgetting to press this button 60 minutes to 90 minutes before the pickup time,  may lead to the booking being canceled or re-assigned to a different partner. This would result in costs for both you and Blacklane.
  • If you need to travel a distance to the pickup location, and need to leave more than 90 minutes before the scheduled pickup time, please call Blacklane Customer Care and inform them that you will be pressing the “60min prior pick up” button early.
  • Forgetting to press this button on time will affect your quality bonus.


Quality Standard

Blacklane expects you to always provide a top-quality, five-star ride for your guest. This, for example, means always looking your best — dark-colored suit, button-up shirt, tie, polished leather shoes — when you perform a Blacklane ride. Here is a closer look at Blacklane quality standards:


Dress professionally: dark-colored suit, button-up shirt, tie, and polished leather shoes.

Provide bottled water and, if possible, tissues, mints or gum, and WiFi.

Keep the luggage compartment empty to accommodate guests' luggage.

Make sure your vehicle is clean, in good condition, and matches the booked vehicle class.


Arrive 10 minutes early to the pickup location and press the “Arrived at pickup location” button to inform the guest and Blacklane.

Greet the guest. For example, “Welcome (to CITY), Ms./Mr./Mx. (NAME), I am your Blacklane chauffeur. We are driving to (DESTINATION), correct? Allow me to take your luggage.” 

Open the vehicle door for the guest first, followed by putting the luggage in the trunk.

When in the vehicle, ask the guest if they would like any music or temperature adjustments.

Tell the guest their estimated arrival time, taking potential traffic into account.

Drive safely, abide by regulations, avoid distractions, and do not take phone calls when guests are present.


Confirm with the guest that it is the right destination. 

Open the vehicle door for the guest and bring the luggage to the curb. Check if the guest forgot anything, and if so, contact us.

Fees, tolls, etc. are included and paid digitally — do not take cash payment for rides and do not ask for tips.

Say goodbye to the guest. For example, “Thank you for riding with Blacklane today. I hope you enjoyed your ride and that we’ll see you again soon. Have a good day.”

Inspect the vehicle after dropoff to remove any trash and tidy up.

Contacting Blacklane or the guest

Please do not call the guest before the scheduled pickup time as they might be in a meeting or otherwise busy. If you have concerns regarding finding the guest at the pickup location, please wait until the scheduled pickup time before contacting them. Always call Blacklane if you have difficulties before or during the scheduled pickup time. Our Customer Care team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Contacting Blacklane or the Guest


If you accept an airport pickup and notice there is no flight number, please contact us as soon as possible so we can request it from the guest.

Pickup Sign

Displaying the pickup sign on a tablet through the BL Chauffeur app is mandatory for all airport and train station pickups. It is also mandatory when requested by the guest, and whenever the pickup location is in an area where the guest may have difficulty finding you. Unless they request it, please do not use a pickup sign when pickup is at the guest’s home.

Passenger No-show:

If a guest does not show up after the mandatory waiting time has passed, and you are unable to reach them by phone, then you need to contact Blacklane to report a no-show before you can be authorized to leave the location.

This question requires a valid email address.