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Chauffeur Training: 5. Partner Portal

Partner Portal

In this training module we will go through the features of the Partner Portal and how to use it to streamline your day-to-day operations. This tool helps you register new chauffeurs to your account, gives an overview of your registered vehicles, and lets you accept and manage both future and finished rides.



Chauffeur Permissions:

The BL Chauffeur app and the Partner Portal offer features dependent on the assigned chauffeur permissions. The person who registers their company with Blacklane will automatically have all five chauffeur permissions. The five chauffeur permissions:

  • Driver: Can only see and perform the rides that have been assigned to them. They will also be able to assign vehicles to rides they have been assigned.
  • Provider: Can see and accept open offers in the BL Chauffeur app or in the Partner Portal. This user can see the prices of rides.
  • Reviewer: Can see and review the rides of your company that need to be reviewed. This user can also see the prices of rides. 
  • Dispatcher: Can see both your company’s planned and finished rides, and will be able to change the assigned chauffeurs and vehicles.
  • Admin: Can change the chauffeur permissions of all users in the company. They can also change the contact details of all users in the company and add new chauffeurs and vehicles to the account. This user can see the prices of rides.



Partner Portal - Rides Page

On the rides page of the Partner Portal you can view open offers in your business district, rides accepted by your company, and completed rides by your company.

Note: All prices and ride information in the videos are for demonstration purposes only.

Note: The Partner Portal may look slightly different when viewed on a smartphone, but all features are the same.

Accept offers in the auction system

You can accept offers in the auction system on the “Rides” page of the Partner Portal. Go to Rides > Offers > Details> Accept Offer.

Note: Remember to only accept rides where you can accommodate any special request that the guest might have.


Partner Portal - Chauffeur Page

On the Chauffeur page of the Partner Portal you can add new chauffeurs, edit contact information, and manage the permissions given to your registered chauffeurs. If you have Admin permissions, you can also disable chauffeurs who no longer work for you.

Please watch this video to completion

Partner Portal - Vehicles page

On the vehicles page of the Partner Portal you can see a list of all vehicles that you have registered with Blacklane. You may only perform rides with vehicles that are on this list and marked as “live”. On this page you can also add new vehicles to your account

1. Click on to the vehicles page of the Partner Portal.
2. Click “Add vehicle”.
3. Fill in all required information about your vehicle and click “Add vehicle”.
4. Click on the “Document” tab.
5. Start uploading all required documents to the portal.

You will receive an email from the Blacklane team once your documents have been approved and the vehicle has been added to your fleet. You will also be able to see it in your vehicle list on the “Vehicles” page in the Partner Portal.

Partner Portal - Company page

OOn the Company page of the Partner Portal you can see a list of all the required company documents for your area of operation. When your company documents expire, this is where you will upload new versions. 

1. Click "Company".
2. Click “Upload” next to the type of document you want to upload.

The documents on this page should always be kept up-to-date.

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