Oban Family Housing

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Welcome to UCR Housing!
Welcome to the Family Housing online application! We appreciate your interest in on-campus housing at UCR.

Family Housing is provided to support the unique needs of students with families as they pursue academic studies at UCR.

It is expected that all “family” members are eligible for Family Housing at the time of application. Please thoroughly review the Family Housing Eligibility & Assignment Policy posted on our Family Housing web page prior to submitting an application.

All Family Housing assignments consist of an Academic Year Lease effective with the student family’s move-in date and expiring June 30.  Leases are renewable annually as long as eligibility is maintained. 

Verification of eligibility may be requested at any time commencing with submission of a Family Housing application up to the signing of a Family Housing Contract.

Oban Family Housing will be available for move-in September, 2017.