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Chauffeur Training: 7. Guidelines, Quality Standard and Incentives

Blacklane's Guidelines, Quality Standards and Incentives

In this training module, we will go through Blacklane's guidelines for our expected quality standards and the incentives in place to encourage that the quality standards are upheld.



Please have a look at Blacklane's Quality Standards by clicking the following link or reviewing the PDF below.

Operating Guidelines

Let's start with a few of our key quality requirements:

Licensing: Before registering a new chauffeur or vehicle with Blacklane, please make sure they have all the required licenses and insurances for your business district.

Correct chauffeur: Only the chauffeur assigned to the ride may perform the ride.

English language skills: Chauffeurs need to speak enough English to carry on a basic conversation with international guests. We have some tips for German and French speakers for relevant English phrases.

Correct vehicle: The car must match the requested car class and any requirements mentioned in the guest special requests comment box.

Bookings Guidelines

Tips for properly using the BL Chauffeur app and the Partner Portal:

Only accept rides you can perform to 100% certainty, and take into consideration all comments in the additional comment box and any potential waiting time that may occur.

Auction system: In the Blacklane auction system, select rides that cover all of your costs. Prices are set automatically by our pricing engine and are non-negotiable.

Invoice review: Review your invoice in a timely manner and email us any requested changes.

Chauffeur Guidelines

Every day our Blacklane crew go above and beyond to provide a top-quality service for our guests. Blacklane chauffeurs are:

Courteous and positive: Do not force guests into a conversation and avoid touchy topics such as religion, health, politics, or sports.

Discrete: Never share private guest information nor details of your collaboration with Blacklane to third parties.

Appropriately dressed: Dress in a dark suit, white shirt, a tie, and polished leather shoes.

Considerate partners: We create a sustainable business for you and trust you to not advertise to our guests directly. Violations would lead to contractual fines and can end our partnership.

Vehicle Guidelines

Vehicle condition: Your vehicle must be clean, in good condition, and match the booked service class. Make sure there is no smell in the car that might make your guest uncomfortable.

Additional comment box: Always check that you can fulfill special requirements listed in the additional comment box before accepting a ride (e.g. child seat, wheelchair, etc.).

Luggage storage capacity: The luggage compartment should be empty to accommodate the guests' luggage.

Amenities: It is mandatory to always provide bottled water, WiFi and a multi-charger cable supporting the following plugs: Apple Lightning, Micro USB, and USB Type C. Other appreciated amenities include a current English-language newspaper, tissues, and an umbrella that can be used to shield the guests in case of rain.