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Burnout Quiz

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1. How do you feel when you first wake up in the morning?
2. How frequently do friends or family members interrupt you while you're on the computer, phone, or tablet and ask when you're going to be off?
3. How do you feel about your performance at work or as a stay-home parent?
4. When your spouse or partner gives you a kiss—maybe as a sign to make love—or you take matters into your own hands, what happens?
5. When you're out for a walk, where does your mind go?
6. If you got laid off due to something that wasn't your fault (budget cuts, an entire industry going kaput) and you could make it financially for the time being, what would you say to yourself—if only in secret?
7. What did you do last weekend?
8. The last time a friend came to you upset or crying, you probably tried to make her feel better. But what did you really think inside?
9. How's your physical health?
10. The last time someone sent you a gift, what did you think?
11. When you think about the life of your dreams, how close does your current life come?
12. What do you do to relax at night?
13. How often do you see the dentist, doctor or hair stylist?
14. Right before you fall asleep, what are you usually thinking about?