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The Trust Test

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1. I'm at ease when I'm alone.
2. When people are angry at me, I usually understand why.
3. I never worry that my friends and family will hurt or abandon me.
4. I eat only when I'm hungry and stop as soon as I'm full.
5. My first impressions are almost always accurate.
6. I don't need alcohol or drugs to relax.
7. I stay within my spending budget.
8. I never worry that people might find out too much about me.
9. I show up on time for appointments, even informal ones.
10. I have many rewarding, happy relationships.
11. I'm careful to save part of my income.
12. Life makes more and more sense to me as I age.
13. I keep my promises, and my friends and family keep their promises to me.
14. Most people behave pretty much as I expect them to.
15. I've been betrayed many times by people I loved.
16. I hide my real thoughts and actions.
17. I hate my job, but I'm stuck in it.
18. I only feel safe when I'm alone.
19. I've had a lot of bad luck in romantic relationships.
20. I have a lot of secrets, and I intend to keep them at all cost.
21. A lot of my loved ones are addicts.
22. I can't control certain behaviors (e.g., overeating, gambling, stealing).
23. I often make polite promises I don't really intend to keep.
24. I can't stand being alone.
25. I'm plagued by bad luck in my professional life.
26. People seem more and more unpredictable to me as I age.
27. I can't detach from someone who frightens or hurts me.
28. I need recreational drugs or alcohol to completely relax.
29. I often show up late for appointments, especially informal ones.
30. I rarely repeat the same mistake more than once.