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What Do You Really Need In A Relationship

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1. I can usually intuit what others are feeling.
2. The truth may sting, but ignorance is never bliss.
3. I'm big on hugs and hand-holding; I like to connect through touch.
4. I appreciate a good, rousing pep talk now and again.
5. I'm the kind of person who can walk away from an argument before I lose my cool.
6. In a perfect world, my partner would notice when I wear a new dress.
7. I enjoy dishing about all the details of my day—the good, the disappointing, and the funny.
8. A good sex life is a necessary ingredient in a relationship.
9. I think of partners as teammates because so much of a relationship is teamwork.
10. "Carpe diem" is my mantra.
11. When someone is upset, I first make sure she or he feels heard.
12. If I had a free afternoon, I'd rather spend it with someone than by myself.
13. I need my partner to take my side when I'm upset.
14. If I ran into an ex-lover, I'd feel wrong not telling my partner.
15. Before I tackle a troubling problem, I find it helpful to vent and seek feedback.
16. I jump at the opportunity to do favors; tomorrow I could be the one who needs help.
17. When my girlfriends and I get together, the conversation usually turns to sex at some point.
18. I genuinely enjoy taking care of others—friends, pets, even plants.
19. Ideally, my partner would know me better than anyone else.
20. I tend to wait until the last minute to commit to plans and invitations.
21.  In a household, it's important that everyone has clearly defined responsibilities.
22. I like to make a big deal of my friends' victories, large and small.
23. I'm quick to admit when I've overreacted.
24. Learning a new skill or trying out a new recipe gives me a high.