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What's Your Schema?

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1. Most of the time, I haven't had someone to nurture me, share him/herself with me, or care deeply about everything that happens to me.
2. For much of my life, I haven't felt that I am special to someone.
3. For the most part, I have not had someone who really listens to me, understands me, or is tuned in to my true needs and feelings.
4. I hate to be constrained or kept from doing what I want.
5. I feel that I shouldn't have to follow the normal rules and conventions other people do.
6. I can't tolerate other people telling me what to do.
7. I find myself clinging to people I'm close to, because I'm afraid they'll leave me.
8. I don't feel that important relationships will last; I expect them to end.
9. I feel addicted to partners who can't be there for me in a committed way.
10. I'm unworthy of the love, attention, and respect of others.
11. I am inherently flawed and defective.
12. No matter how hard I try, I feel that I won't be able to get a significant man/woman to respect me or feel that I am worthwhile.
13. In relationships, I let the other person have the upper hand.
14. I worry a lot about pleasing other people so they won't reject me.
15. I will go to much greater lengths than most people to avoid confrontations.
16. I must be the best at most of what I do; I can't accept second best.
17. I feel there is constant pressure for me to achieve and get things done.
18. My relationships suffer because I push myself so hard.
19. I feel that I cannot let my guard down in the presence of other people, or else they will intentionally hurt me.
20. I have a great deal of difficulty trusting people.
21. If someone acts nicely toward me, I assume that he/she must be after something.
22. I put others' needs before my own, or else I feel guilty.
23. I'm the one who usually ends up taking care of the people I'm close to.
24. I'm only happy when those around me are happy.