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Clutter Assessment

Page One

1. Could you have a party without cleaning up first?
2. Do your clothes fit in your closet?
3. Without looking, do you know where to find your car keys, your unpaid bills, and your home or renter's insurance policy?
4. What is on your dining room table right now?
5. How many magazines are in your house right now?
6. How many paper and shopping bags are you saving?
7. If you had to change a lightbulb, could you find one?
8. Are all your DVDs and CDs in their sleeves?
9. Are your kids' toys anywhere but in their rooms or designated play areas?
10. Are there dirty dishes in the sink?
11. Are dirty clothes anywhere but in the hamper?
12. Are there out-of-date medications in your medicine chest?
13. Are all bills paid and papers filed?
14. Does every item of clothing in your closet fit you now?