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The Stress-Detector Test (rebuild)

Page One

1. You're having friends over for dinner and the house is a mess. Do you…
2. How well do you keep up with responsibilities at home?
3. What's the food situation at home?
4.  Is money a sore subject?
5. How are you feeling about your love life?
6. How stressful is your relationship with your parents?
7. How do you feel about children?
8. Do you have friends?
9. How do you like your job?
10. How secure do you feel at work?
11. What are your coworkers like?
12. What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?
13. What do you order when you go to dinner with your girlfriends?
14. Why do you exercise?
15. How much time do you take to do something relaxing and enjoyable? (reading a novel, listening to music)?
16. You deal with major stress by…