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Chauffeur Training: 8. How to Avoid Incidents

What are Incidents?

Blacklane handles thousands of rides each day, all of which are performed with the highest service standards in the ground transportation industry. Sometimes mishaps can happen during a Blacklane ride. We call these mishaps “incidents”. We recognize that incidents do occasionally occur, which is why we do our best to help you avoid them. We trust you to take the same precautionary measures.

The aim of this training module is for you to gain a good understanding of what defines an incident when working with Blacklane and, most importantly, how you can best avoid them.

Note: Incidents may lead to contractual financial consequences. Please refer to the “Incident Types and Consequences” document on the Partner Portal for more details.

Examples of Incidents and how to avoid them:

1. Blacklane payment model not followed

Please remember that parking fees, tolls and tips are all included in the price. Under no circumstance should you ask for cash or electronic payment from the guest. If a guest offers you a tip as thanks for your excellent service, please remind them that the tip is included in the price. If the guest insists, then you may accept.

​​​​​2. Wrong chauffeur sent or wrong ride review

Wrong chauffeur: The chauffeur that initiated the ride by pressing the “60min prior pickup” button must be the chauffeur that performs the ride. This is important because the guest will receive a message informing them their chauffeur is on the way. The message includes the name and contact details of the chauffeur. If there is an emergency and the chauffeur that is on the way is unable to perform the ride and a different chauffeur from the same company needs to take over, please make sure you contact Blacklane Customer Care first.

Wrong ride review: Please make sure you correctly review a ride with added time or kilometers. If in doubt, review this training module.

3. Misconduct, e.g. inappropriate or rude behavior

Be courteous and respectful. Avoid being overly chatty, unless the guest keeps the conversation going. If the guest engages you in conversation, please avoid inappropriate or sensitive topics such as religion, politics, health, or sports. Never disclose any names or private information from other guests. If you need to contact the guest, please call Blacklane Customer Care first and we can contact the guest for you. If you cannot reach us in time, then use the “Call guest” button in the Extras screen in the Chauffeur App. Always remember to follow our Quality Standards.

4. Safety issues, e.g. missing child seats or risky driving

Always check the additional comments before accepting a ride. This is where you will see any notes regarding accompanying children and their ages. Before heading out for a pickup, double-check the additional comments and ensure you have the correct number and size of child seats, if necessary. Never break local traffic laws. Drive safely and responsibly.

5. Unauthorized subcontracting of ride

This is a major safety concern. Under no circumstances should a company or chauffeur not registered with Blacklane take over a Blacklane ride. This is, among other things, a breach of guest privacy. We recommend leaving an ample amount of time between rides, just to account for any last-minute changes. Take extra care with airport pickups, as you need to adjust for any early or delayed flights. If you are unable to perform a ride, please arrange a Blacklane-registered replacement chauffeur and let Blacklane know via phone. If this is not possible, please call Blacklane Customer Care immediately so that they can help you find a solution.

6. Blacklane standards not met, e.g. wrong dress code, no English, insufficient knowledge of area, no/incorrect pickup sign, not helping with luggage

We have already covered all of the Blacklane Quality Standards in a previous module.

We trust that you, as a professional chauffeur service provider, are already familiar with the following tips:

  • Always stick to the dress code. Our dress code is a dark suit, white button-up shirt, tie, and polished leather shoes.
  • Please remember that displaying the pickup sign on a tablet through the BL Chauffeur app is mandatory for all airport & train station pickups and when the pickup point is in a place where your guest might have trouble finding you. Please do not use the pickup sign when collecting guests from their private homes, but make sure you wait for them by your vehicle so they can easily identify you.
  • If no pickup sign is specified for a booking where it is needed, please display the Blacklane logo.
  • Always help guests with luggage and open and close the car door for them. Open the door first for guests, and stow luggage second.
  • Be courteous and professional. Converse in clear, professional English or the local language.

7. Issue with vehicle, e.g. dirty or wrong vehicle

Keep your car clean and in good condition. We advise against performing a ride if the car has a cracked windshield or damaged seats. Only perform a ride that matches the requested car class. Do not swap in a Business Van for a First or Business Class ride, or Business Class for a First Class or Business Van, etc.

8. Giving back a ride

To give back a ride you have to contact Blacklane to inform us that you are no longer able to perform it. Please remember that when you accept a ride, it is actually considered a binding contract once it’s confirmed by Blacklane. We know that unexpected circumstances sometimes occur, and we will, of course, support you in such cases. In case of illness, personal emergency or vehicle emergency, please try to find an alternative chauffeur that is registered with Blacklane and let Blacklane know about it. Make sure you contact Blacklane Customer Care as soon as possible. Please be prepared to provide us with evidence supporting your reason for not performing the ride.

9. Not pushing the “60min prior pickup” button, not reachable (this causes a backup booking)

You need to press the “60min prior pickup” button at least 60 to 90 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. This confirms to the guest and Blacklane that you are on your way to the pickup. Pressing the "60min prior to pickup" button also triggers a message to the guest stating your name and contact information. You can review how to manage your ongoing rides with the BL Chauffeur app in this training module.

If you need to press the “60min prior pickup” button more than 90 minutes before the scheduled pickup time due to a long-distance commute, then please call Blacklane Customer Care (or send an email to if you can’t reach us immediately). The same applies if you need to press the button when there are less than 60 minutes before the pickup time. This could be necessary due to a last-minute ride offer or if you are experiencing a technical error.

Forgetting to press the "60min prior pickup" button and being unreachable may cause Blacklane to have to place a back-up booking, which you would be charged for. Incorrect app usage also impacts your Service Excellence Score.

We recommend using a hands-free device if you have to receive calls from Blacklane while driving.

10. Late for pickup or no Meet & Greet

  • It’s important to take into account possible waiting times, including flight delays or early arrivals, when scheduling your rides. Always build in a buffer time between rides. 
  • It’s recommended to arrive at the pickup location 10 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.
  • If you are unable to meet the guest at the specified pickup location, call the guest directly by pressing “Call passenger” in the Extras screen in the BL Chauffeur app.  
  • If you expect to be late due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact Customer Care as soon as possible.
  • You can always review our waiting time policy here.

1​​​​​​1. No pickup

  • Remember to only accept rides you are certain you will be able to perform.
  • Avoid packing your schedule with rides that are too close to each other timewise. Keep in mind the included waiting time and possible flight delays for airport pickups.
  • If you feel you cannot make it to the pickup location, then immediately call Blacklane so we can ensure that the guest is not left without an alternative.
  • You can also recommend an alternative chauffeur if they are also registered with Blacklane.
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