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Marine Plastic Pollution Poll

Boomerang Alliance

The following data will help the Boomerang Alliance develop a 'community owned' threat abatement plan to cut 70% of Australian plastic pollution entering the marine environment by 2020.  
1. Should Australian Government adopt the precautionary principle and take action to eliminate microplastics now – despite the fact there remains uncertainty on how great the problem actually is? 
2. Please pick 3 of the following groups of plastic products/packaging polluting our marine environment that you think should be the priority for government intervention? 
3. Should Government penalise plastic manufacturers, waste facilities and any other businesses that allow plastic waste to escape their premises?
4. Synthetic fibres are entering our environment in large quantities. What solution do you think Government should mandate?
5. (For the Following two questions) The Australian Government has announced a ban on the sale of cosmetics and personal care products containing microbeads from mid-2018 if companies fail to take action. 

(a) Is allowing industry another 2 years to take voluntary action before regulating a strong enough response?
6. (b) Should the proposed ban on microbeads in personal care products be expanded to include cleaning products and polishes – specifically detergents, waxes and polishes?
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