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Business Process Analysis for Trade Facilitation Course (Module 1 - 3)


Thank you for your interest in the UNNExT E-Learning Series on Business Process Analysis for Trade Facilitation. Please ensure you have thoroughly reviewed the course material (available here, including a study guide) before taking the test. 

This quiz will test your knowledge on the first 3 Modules of the course as follows: 
Module 1: BPA for Trade Facilitation: An Introduction
Module 2: BPA for Trade Facilitation: Unified Modeling Language
Module 3: BPA for Trade Facilitation: Project and Scope Setting

If your score on this first quiz is equal or greater than 75%, you will automatically receive an email with the link to the second quiz to test your knowledge on Module 4 to 6. You will be awarded a Certificate from United Nations ESCAP for the course if you achieve a score equal or greater than 75% in the second quiz. 
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