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Completing this survey helps validate this HG assessment tool so it can be used by health professionals to improve care of HG moms. Remember: We are scoring the impact of nausea/vomiting on a specific day not the severity of HG during all or the worst of your pregnancy. Trending the score reflects symptom changes and treatment effectiveness.

  • Estimated completion time is ~10-15 minutes. 
  • Your score will show near the end. 
  • You will be emailed your results. 
  • Most questions are required. 
  • You can repeat this survey as your symptoms change.
  • You can save your answers and finish later.
You will be asked series of easy questions to standardize the research, then about 1) your pregnancy, 2) symptoms, and 3) sleep and treatments. Completing all required questions is necessary for research publication and will make this tool more helpful to HG mothers! 

NOTE: All information submitted will be kept strictly confidential and only used by researchers at the HER Foundation, UCLA and USC.

Your email will ONLY be used for validation and research-related communication.
This question requires a valid email address.
2. Have you already submitted research data such as your race and education level for a different day of this pregnancy? *This question is required.This info is required to be part of our research. If you are unsure, check no.
3. Would you help us also validate a Quality of Life study by answering  7 very quick questions so we can see how HG impacts you?