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PGA Parent CDI-2 Self Report

For each of the statements below, select one response that best describes your observations of your child in the past two weeks.
My Child...
Space Cell Not at allSome of the timeOftenMost of the time
1. My child looks sad.
2. My child has fun.
3. My child does not like himself or herself.
4. My child blames himself or herself for things.
5. My child cries or looks tearful.
6. My child is cranky and irritable.
7. My child enjoys being with people.
8. My child thinks that he or she is ugly.
9. My child has to push himself or herself to do homework.
10. My child has trouble sleeping at night.
11. My child looks tired or fatigued.
12. My child seems lonely.
13. My child enjoys school.
14. My child spends time with friends.
15. My child is showing worse school performance than before.
16. My child does what he or she is told.
17. My child has disagreements and conflicts with others.