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What is your preferred Team Role?

Did you know that certain Team Roles suit you more than others?

Each question below consists of eight statements. Read each statement and consider how well it applies to you and your typical behaviour in a team or group situation. If you feel a statement does not apply to you at all, leave it unchecked. Make sure you select at least three statements for each question.
1. Don't forget to give us your name & email address so we can add your Team Roles result to your MeQ Personal Strengths Profile. *This question is required.
2. When involved in a project with other people, I can usually... *This question is required.
Space Cell YesNo
1.1 Be relied upon to see that work that needs to be done is organised.
1.2 Pick up errors and omissions that others fail to notice.
1.3 React strongly when meetings appear to be going off focus from the main objective.
1.4 Produce original suggestions.
1.5 Analyze other people's ideas objectively, for both merits and flaws.
1.6 Feel excited or inspired to find out the latest ideas and developments.
1.7 Have a talent for organizing people.
1.8 Readily support good suggestions that assist in resolving a problem.
3. In seeking satisfaction through my work ... *This question is required.
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2.1 I like to have a strong influence on decisions.
2.2 I feel in my element where work requires a high degree of attention and concentration.
2.3 I am willing to help colleagues with their problems.
2.4 I enjoy critically examining alternatives.
2.5 I tend to have a creative approach to problem solving.
2.6 I enjoy reconciling different points of view.
2.7 I am more interested in practicalities than new ideas.
2.8 I particularly enjoy exploring different views and techniques.
4. When the team is trying to solve a particularly complex problem, *This question is required.
Space Cell YesNo
3.1 I pay careful attention to areas where difficulty may arise.
3.2 I explore ideas that may have a wider application than in the immediate task.
3.3 I prefer to thoroughly weigh up a range of suggestions before making decisions.
3.4 I can coordinate and productively use other people's abilities and talents.
3.5 I maintain a steady systematic approach, irrespective of the pressures.
3.6 I often produce a new approach to a long standing problem.
3.7 I am able to express my personal views in a forceful way if necessary.
3.8 I am ready to help whenever I can.
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