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How Resilient are you?

Did you know that your resilience consists of individual, environmental, and cultural factors? Find out more by taking this survey.

In this survey you will read a set of statements. To what extent do the sentences below describe you? Select one answer for each statement from 'not at all', to 'a lot'.
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2. Select one option for each of the following statements.
Space Cell Not at AllA LittleSomewhatQuite a BitA Lot
1. I have people I look up to.
2. I cooperate with people around me.
3. Getting an education is important to me.
4. I know how to behave in different social situations.
5. My parents/caregivers watch me closely.
6. My parents/caregivers know a lot about me.
7. If I am hungry, there is enough to eat.
8. I try to finish what I start.
9. Spiritual beliefs are a source of strength for me.
10. I am proud of my ethnic background.
Not at AllA LittleSomewhatQuite a BitA Lot
11. People think that I am fun to be with.
12. I talk to my family/caregivers about how I feel.
13. I am able to solve problems without harming myself or others (harm e.g. by using drugs or being violent).
14. I feel supported by my friends.
15. I know where to go in my community to get help.
16. I feel I belong at my university/place of work.
17. My family stands by me during difficult times.
18. My friends stand by me during difficult times.
19. I am treated fairly in my community.
20. I have opportunities to show others that I am becoming an adult and/or can act responsibly.
Not at AllA LittleSomewhatQuite a BitA Lot
21. I am aware of my own strengths.
22. I participate in organised religious activities.
23. I think it is important to serve my community.
24. I feel safe when I am with my family/partner.
25. I have opportunities to develop skills that will be useful later in life (like job skills or skills to care for others).
26. I enjoy my family's/partner's cultural and family traditions.
27. I enjoy my community's traditions.
28. I am proud to be a citizen of South Africa.
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