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Valuing our Nonprofit Workforce:
2017 Compensation & Benefits Survey for Nonprofits in Connecticut, Massachusetts,
New York State, Rhode Island and Adjoining Communities


This survey is designed for organizations with at least one paid employee. Your response to these questions will be compiled with those from many other nonprofit organizations, resulting in the publication of the survey report, which is planned for the spring of 2017. The report of compensation and benefits practices for small to medium to larger nonprofits in and around southern New England will be available to all - free of charge once published. Therefore, your time and thought given to complete the survey will help to create a body of knowledge that is greatly useful to nonprofits just like yours.

There are seven pages of information to enter in this survey:
          1. About Your Organization
          2. Compensation & Employment Practices
          3. Paid Time-Off Benefits
          4. Insurance Benefits
          5. Retirement Benefits
          6. Executive Director/CEO Profile
          7. Compensation

The time required to complete the questionnaire depends on the number of employees at your organization and your access to current compensation data and policies. Matching your organization's jobs with the  job descriptions contained in the survey will be the most time-consuming part of the process for most participants.

You may enter your data at your convenience, through Wednesday, December 14  Monday, January 16 (extended deadline). Please contact Rita Haronian at 510-645-1005 or survey@nonprofitcomp.com if you think you may need more time.

Once you start and save your response, you will be able to return to finish it at a later date. Click the "Continue survey later" link to receive a email with the link to return to the survey response that you have begun. You can use that same link to return as often as you need to.

If you have questions at any time about the survey or the procedures, including any problems completing the form, please contact Rita Haronian at 510-645-1005 or survey@nonprofitcomp.com.

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The compensation part of your response consists of an Excel file, which you can download by clicking here. (TSNE2017Comp.xls)

SAVE THIS FILE onto your computer's hard drive on the desktop or in a folder where you will be able to find it easily. DO NOT begin to enter information before saving it onto your computer, or your data will be lost. The file contains instructions and a spreadsheet for your organization's compensation data. When you get to the Compensation page of this questionnaire, you will see the simple instructions to upload your completed Excel file.

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You can also download several pdf-format files with supporting information:

For a list of all the questions you will be asked in the course of this survey, including the compensation part, click here. This may help you collect and organize your information so that you can complete this questionnaire more easily. (TSNE2017Survey.pdf, 19 pages)

For a list of all the jobs covered in this survey, click here. (TSNE2017JobList.pdf, 2 pages)

For a list of the complete job descriptions, click here. (TSNE2017JobDescriptions.pdf, 25 pages)

For a glossary of terms used in this survey, click here. (TSNE2017Glossary.pdf, 2 pages)

Your survey response will be strictly confidential and data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate. All information you entered will be encrypted and will remain confidential.

Thank you very much for taking the time to contribute to this resource for the nonprofits in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and adjoining communities. Please use the Click to Next Page button below to begin with Section I of the survey.

About Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce
Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce is a compensation survey from Third Sector New England in collaborations with our  Partners and Funders including: Associated Grant Makers, Barr Foundation, Bay Path University M.S. Programs in Nonprofit Management & Strategic Fundraising, Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Cape & Island Partnership for Nonprofit Advancement, Cape Cod Foundation, Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts, Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, Connecticut Community Foundation, Connecticut Community Nonprofit Alliance, Inc., Employers Association of the NorthEast, Essex County Community Foundation, Fairfield County's Community Foundation, Greater Worcester Community Foundation, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Human Service Forum, Hyams Foundation, Inspirica, Inc., Jane Doe Inc., Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation, Rhode Island Foundation, Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, The Boston Foundation, United Way of Rhode Island, van Beuren Charitable Foundation and Westchester Community Foundation.

Third Sector New England provides management and leadership resources to help nonprofits support strong, healthy communities.