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Agency Enquiry - No RATES


Express your interest and submit your details below in partnering with NL Managed Services and we will contact you for a more in-depth discussion regarding current and upcoming opportunities.
You are using a secure https:// connection, that data you submit here is encrypted following its submission. All data will be received in strict confidence of its sensitivity and will not be shared with any part outside NL Managed Service in the context of this Expression of Interest.
1. Have you received a direct email from NL Managed Services inviting you to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) regarding a specific opportunity?
Would you like to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the contract detailed within the email notification?

Selecting "Yes" will allow you to progress and provide some information about your agency.

Selecting "No" will stop this process, we thank you for your time.

Selecting "Other" will end this process, and depend on the reason you give, may result in direct contact from us to discuss the matter further.
2. EOI Response, below: