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Payment Requisition

Dear Cooperating Teacher,  Clinical Instructor, and/or Internship Supervisor,

Thank you for working with the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development at Rhode Island College.  Please use this electronic system to request payment. 

  • For student teaching, please complete this form only once by the following dates for spring 2020 student teaching placements:
              March 20, 2020 - first half splits
              May 10, 2020 -full placements and second splits

              Full Placement (14 Weeks) cooperating teachers receive $500.00; split placements (7 Weeks) receive $250.00
  • For practicum and internships, please complete this form for each professor with whom you have worked with this semester by May 01, 2020.  List each course separately if you work with one professor for more than one course. Note, we cannot pay for observations.
               See attached payment schedule for the rate that you will receive.
  • Your request for payment is not complete until you click "submit."
  • Please do not submit for payment until your practicum, student teaching or internship placement is completed. Payment requests will not be processed until the placement has official ended.  
  • Requests for payment are only valid for 90 days from the date of your experience. Accounting will not process payments that exceed the 90 day mark. Adhering to the deadlines is critical.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Partnerships and Placements,


Per RIC policy, individuals must have a signed W-9 form on file with the Accounting Office to receive payment. The Office of Partnership and Placements does not keep records of this information.

If you have been paid by RIC in the last three years and have not changed your address or name, you do not need to complete a new W-9.

If you have not been by paid by RIC in the last three years or have changed your address or name, please complete the W-9 FORM and fax or email only page one the form directly to Donna Vessella in the Accounting Office:

Attention : Donna Vessella
Fax: 401-456-4659

If the Accounting Office does not have a W-9 on file, your payment request will not be processed.

NOTE: When completing the W-9, please check the box for "Individual". Be sure to sign the form.
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