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Open Source Survey

Intro and Consent

Hello! We're studying how people use and think about open source software. Whether you're a long-time maintainer, a new contributor, or an interested browser, we want to hear from you. This survey will take 15 minutes or less, and will be used to create an open data set that is freely available to researchers and members of the community to better understand the people who use and create open source technologies.

We're inviting you to take part based on having visited an open source project on GitHub or indicating interest in an open source project hosted elsewhere. This survey is open to anyone who uses, contributes to, or thinks about open source software, but we are sampling carefully in order to ensure that the data is unbiased, so please do not tweet or otherwise share this link.

All questions are optional. The data collected here is anonymous and will not be linked to any other data sources. We aim not to collect any personally identifying information, and will remove any that is provided before publicly releasing the data. This survey uses cookies, but only to prevent duplicate responses. To take the survey in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, or Russian, click the bar titled "Select another language" at the top of this page and choose your preferred language. 

For the purposes of this survey, open source software is software available in source code form under terms that allow anyone to use, modify, and/or distribute the software for any purpose, subject, at most, to conditions that preserve provenance and openness.  We acknowledge there are distinct ideologies behind Free/Libre and Open Source Software; we use the general term "open source" here for simplicity rather than as indication of support for one community over another.

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