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Social Justice Scholarship for ED 101 and Management Institute

Social Justice Scholarship Application

1. Which program are you applying for? *This question is required.
2. Basic Contact Information *This question is required.
If (like some organizations) you feel there are other things that might best help us understand your organization feel free to just use those as your response to the below question.  Here are some examples that other successful applicants have used or done:
  • a youth leadership development program attached their program curriculum which had explicit social justice themes;
  • sending us a press release or annual report that explicitly states how the organization is working towards justice;
  • pointing us to a specific part of their website/facebook page that shows their work in advocating for those who are oppressed;
  • using a recent appeal letter or copying/pasting a portion of a recent grant proposal that demonstrated their social justice focus.
If you have any files you want to send us you can do that via email after you submit your application. Send them to