Incight Scholarship Application

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Scholarship Applicant Information
Dear Applicant,
Welcome to the Incight Scholarship application. Since 2004, Incight has awarded more than 850 scholarships to students with disabilities pursuing higher education. Incight Scholars are supported throughout college and provided opportunities for trainings, internships and mentoring. Incight Scholars have achieved careers in technology, education, science, and medicine! Incight Scholars break through barriers by becoming change agents in our community and leading by example.
All students who plan to begin post-secondary studies at colleges or trade/professional schools are eligible for these grants provided that enrollment is in Oregon or SW Washington. The applicant must have a documented disability, be enrolled full-time and remain in "good-standing". For more information about eligibility please visit

Description of Awards:
Each award will represent a scholarship grant provided to the selected students. These grants should not be mistaken in any way for student loans. While a student may apply for consideration for a grant prior to being accepted at a college or trade/professional school, he/she must provide documentation in the form of an admissions acceptance letter to Incight before the grant will be finalized. The exact number of awards and the total amount of money to be awarded in 2017 will be determined during the selection process, at the sole discretion of Incight.
All grants are made payable to the colleges or other post-secondary institutions where the recipients will attend during the 2017-18 school year. As was previously mentioned, the student must provide Incight a copy of an admissions acceptance letter to an accredited school. It is the intent of The Incight Scholarship Foundation that the full amount of these grants will be applied toward the recipient's school expenses. 
Application Procedure: 
There are four essential parts of this application, and all must be received in order for The Incight Scholarship Review Committee to consider an application. The deadline for completed applications is April 1, 2017.
  1. The completed Application Form that contains basic information about the applicant, as well as the parent/guardian secondary information.
  2. An official documentation of disability. Anything defined as a ‘disability’ according to ADA standards. If you are eligible for social security benefits covered by the ADA or have a disability classified by the DSM-V, you are eligible for the Incight Scholarship. High school students whose disability falls under the IDEA or who qualify for an IEP or 504 plan are eligible for Incight’s Scholarship Program. (Acceptable documentation may include: an IEP, 504 plan, doctor’s note, SSI documentation, etc.)
  3. Completed essay questions.
  4. Failure to complete ANY portion of the application will DISQUALIFY your eligibility to receive a scholarship award.
1. Are you a resident of Oregon or SW Washington? *This question is required.
2. Are you attending college in Oregon or SW Washington? *This question is required.