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Faculty Survey, 2017

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Informed Consent

Welcome to the 2017 ECAR Faculty Technology Survey!

Study Description

Technology is a critical part of all faculty roles. This study explores technology ownership, access, use patterns, and expectations as they relate to faculty roles. The results of this study can be used by colleges and universities to plan for technology shifts that influence faculty and better engage students in the learning process. Furthermore, institutions can use the data to improve IT services, increase technology-enabled productivity, prioritize strategic contributions of IT to higher education, and become more technologically competitive among peer institutions.

This survey asks questions about your experiences with and attitudes toward technology in the context of your faculty role. Your responses will help people on your campus and beyond understand how technology can benefit the academic community. There are no right or wrong answers; we would just like you to answer as honestly as you can. Participation in the survey is completely voluntary, and you can choose to exit the survey at any point. Your responses are anonymous. Required questions are indicated with an asterisk (*). This survey might take you up to 30 minutes to complete.

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Conditions and Stipulations

  1. I agree to complete this online survey for research purposes and that the data derived from this anonymous survey may be made available to my academic institution in individual responses and aggregate formats and/or to the general public in the form of public presentations, reports, journals or newspaper articles, and/or in books.
  2. I understand the online survey involves questions about my IT experiences and expectations in higher education. Beyond demographics, all questions will address IT-related issues.
  3. I understand that this survey is expected to take up to 30 minutes to complete. I understand that my participation in this research survey is totally voluntary and that declining to participate will involve no penalty or loss of benefits. Choosing not to participate will not affect my college/university status in any way. If I choose, I may discontinue my participation at any time. I also understand that if I choose to participate, I may decline to answer any question that I am not comfortable answering.
  4. I understand that I can contact the research team through if I have any questions about the research survey and my rights as a participant. I understand that the survey does not contain any questions that are a foreseeable risk, nor any questions likely to create discomfort to participants. I am aware that my consent will not directly benefit me but will provide data to inform higher education institutions on how to best improve IT experiences for students and faculty.
  5. I understand that my survey responses are anonymous; once all responses are submitted, all personally identifying data will be removed from the data set, prior to the researchers’ conducting analysis; the researchers will not be able to identify me or remove anonymous data from the database should I wish to withdraw it. EDUCAUSE owns and maintains the data collected for the project. Individual response data are stored on an EDUCAUSE server and in a cloud-based storage system indefinitely for use in longitudinal analysis. These data are contained in systems that are in password-protected commercial or cloud-based data centers that are SSAE 16 SOC certified. Only the account holder can access the data contained within the account.
  6. By selecting “I agree” below I freely provide consent and acknowledge my rights as a voluntary research participant as outlined above and provide consent to EDUCAUSE to use my survey responses in the technology research in the academic community projects.
1. You must be an adult (at least 18 years old, in most jurisdictions) and currently employed as a faculty member or have emeritus status to participate in this survey. Indicate your agreement with the informed consent statement below. *This question is required.