2017 Call For Presentations: Webinars

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2017 Call for Presentations: Webinars
NHCAA is seeking health care anti-fraud professionals to share best practices, case studies, emerging schemes, investigative or clinical skills, proven data mining techniques, and analytical solutions at our 2017 programs. 

This is the first time NHCAA is doing a call for presentations for our webinar series. We decided to implement this change to better meet our members need for timely topics. NHCAA will fill the majority of webinar topics in the coming weeks from this call, but will leave at least one open for a time-sensitive topic. 

Webinar information, including dates and times, can be found here and questions can be directed to Katie Baker
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Even though you are not a speaker, as the submitter, you will be considered the primary contact during the selection phase. The people on whose behalf you are submitting, should know about and approve of this submission. 
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