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Hawkins Service/Installer Job Survey

Hawkins Water Service, Install & Delivery Technician

1. Go ahead. Fill me out.
2. Which position(s) are you interested in? Feel free to select more than one...
3. Valid Indiana or Michigan Driver's License?
4. Do you smoke?
5. Driving Violations?
In other words, were you great at turning upset customers into loyal fans? Lifting heavy things without throwing out your back? Installing the new sink in the company break room? Fixing the computers in the office? Generating new sales through learning prospects' needs?
Current jobs... Previous jobs... Future jobs... Whatever you think is most relevant.
We understand that work... Well, it can be work. But we like to have fun people on our team and this is one way for us to learn more about you. 
This is your chance to tell us about important parts of your personality that we forgot to ask you about. Go ahead. Brag a little.
11. Still have more awesomeness to share with us? Upload your Resume & we'll take a look!