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Chauffeur Training 9: Safety Guidelines & Emergency Procedures

Safety Guidelines & Emergency Procedures

At Blacklane, ensuring the safety of our partners and guests is essential. There is no situation urgent enough to make it worth putting you and your guests' life at risk. The aim for this training module is for you to gain a good understanding of the Blacklane safety guidelines.

Safety first:

  • Make sure you’re feeling healthy, well-rested, and vigilant. Please respect all mandatory breaks and make sure that your schedule allows for enough rest.
  • Keep records of a passed criminal background check.
  • Attend a first aid course at least every five years and a defensive driver safety training at least once and keep record of the attendance.
  • Check your vehicle’s condition before each ride: brakes, lights, turn signals, cleanliness of windows and mirrors, status of tires. You are also required to follow mandatory vehicle maintenance procedures.
  • Be aware of severe weather conditions or other traffic disruptions (strikes, terror threats, etc.) that may cause any risks to the ride.
  • Follow these simple hygiene precautions to protect yourself and others from infectious or contagious diseases.
  • Allow enough time between your bookings to be able to cope with the unexpected and to avoid rushing.
  • Carry your documents (driver’s license, chauffeur license, health insurance card) and the vehicle’s documents (vehicle registration, vehicle liability insurance, vehicle maintenance records) with you.
  • Abide by all applicable speed limits and follow local road traffic regulations.
  • Make sure that you, as well as your guests, are using seat belts.
  • Carry basic emergency equipment: first aid kit, emergency vest and triangles, spare tire, snow chains in winter, heavy gloves, etc.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is on and working. If you leave the car in the case of an emergency, take your phone with you to contact the authorities (police, fire brigade).
  • You can find our full Safety Guidelines here.

Don't take risks on the road:

  • Always drive safely. There is no situation so urgent that makes it worth putting you and your guests' life at risk.
  • Plan your route carefully to avoid any known high-risk "no-go" areas.
  • Do not consume any alcohol or drugs before or during the ride. In the event that we receive a report of the chauffeur being intoxicated, we will immediately end the partnership — no exceptions.
  • Always transport babies or underage children in child-safe car seats  that are installed according to the manufacturer's manual and based on local regulations. Do not ask the guest to install the seat unless required by local regulations. If the guest has a child, but they did not request a baby/child car seat upon booking, please contact our Customer Care and we will help you find a solution.
  • Avoid transporting excess luggage in case you cannot transport it safely or would risk damaging your car. If guests bring more luggage than allowed for the service class booked, please first try to fit it into the vehicle in a way that is safe and does not damage your car. Even when you know it will not fit, it shows your good will. If it does not fit, explain that you cannot take all luggage for safety reasons and help your guests to arrange an additional means of transportation for the excessive luggage at the costs of the guest. Our Customer Care can help to explain it to your guest if needed. Note: Our prices on both the partner and the guest side include the luggage. Charging the guest extra for fitting the luggage in your vehicle is not allowed.    
  • Only use your mobile phone while parked or when it’s switched to hands-free mode (if local regulations allow the use of wireless headsets). Please be aware that all phone usage is not only distracting but can also be fatal. For this reason, Blacklane does not allow the usage of handheld devices while driving, regardless of whether it is the Blacklane app or at the guests' request. If you cannot avoid using your phone, please do it prior to the ride or stop your car!

Vehicles should always have:

  • a valid car maintenance sticker 
  • no warning lights (e.g. check engine, coolant warning, etc.) illuminated on the dashboard
  • sufficiently fuelled tank
  • sufficient tire pressure and windshield fluids
  • sufficiently charged car battery
  • first aid kit, emergency warning triangle, high visibility vest and fire extinguisher at hand

In case of an emergency, follow your local safety regulations

Also please keep in mind to:

  • Call emergency services, if necessary. If you are in a serious accident involving injury, contact emergency services immediately.
  • Call Blacklane 24/7 if you are able through your BL Chauffeur App and keep us updated.
  • Prevent further risks and secure the site with emergency warning triangles, use safety vests and, if possible, move the vehicle away from traffic.
  • Document the scene, including pictures, license plates, contact info of witnesses and people who helped.
  • Give your statement to the police, and do not discuss the accident with anyone else.
  • Fill out the insurance report.
  • You can find a copy of our Emergency Procedure here.

Assisting guests with disabilities

Sometimes you may have a guest that needs special assistance during their Blacklane experience. That might be due to injury, old age, pregnancy, or disabilities.

Disabilities where your assistance might be needed include, but are not limited to, visual impairment, hearing or speaking impairment, and reduced mobility, such as using a wheelchair or crutches.

Tips related to these situations:

  • Always make sure you read the special comments field in a ride offer before you accept it, and again before you leave for the pickup location. It might include information about special assistance needed.
  • When first meeting the guest at the pickup location, pay attention to see if there are any visible indications they may need assistance in getting to and into the vehicle.
  • If you notice that the guest does need such help, ask them first how you may assist. Do not insist if they say that no help is needed.
  • If you are not experienced in helping a guest with a special condition, do not be afraid to ask them for instructions. For example, "Would you kindly let me know what I should do to help you get in the car?"
  • If you are not sure you are assisting correctly, do ask the guest to confirm if you are doing the right thing.
  • In cases of reduced mobility or visual impairment guests, ensure you stand behind them in the empty area between the open door and the seat, so you can help should they fall back.
  • If the guest has any physical aid instruments, such as a wheelchair, ask them what would be the correct way to store the item if you are unfamiliar with it.

Current health and safety measures against COVID-19

Because of Covid-19 it is important to take additional measures to protect the health of yourself and your guests. That’s why we have updated our global health and safety standards with new hygiene requirements.

Health & safety measures.

Please have a look at the checklist for the required hygiene standards down below or by clicking this link. Each of these steps need to be followed for each ride you take with Blacklane. If any of the measures in our new hygiene standard conflict with local regulations, please follow the local law.
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