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Product Documentation Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey. We are gathering information about your overall general experience with the Product Documentation site. This survey should take between 10-15 minutes to complete, and your answers will be kept in the strictest confidence. 
1. How often do you visit ServiceNow Product Documentation (
2. Why do you visit Product Documentation?
3. When do you look for information about using ServiceNow?
Space Cell RarelySometimesFrequentlyN/A
When developing an app
When planning changes
When configuring a feature
When troubleshooting an issue
4. When trying to resolve an issue, which of the following resources do you prefer, ranked in order from first to last? Order the items from the following list. First select an item with the spacebar to show a menu of possible ranking positions. Next, click a ranking position to order it in the ranked list. Note the menu will display more ordering options as you add items to the ranked list.
5. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements about the ServiceNow Product Documentation site?
Space Cell Disagree completelyDisagree slightlyNo opinionAgree slightlyAgree completely
Overall I am satisfied with the site
The content is comprehensive
The content is up-to-date
The content is accurate
It is easy to find the content I need
Search results are relevant to my queries
6. Has anything you've read on the Product Documentation site influenced your decision to buy or recommend ServiceNow products?If you answer Yes, please provide details in the comments section below. 
7. Has the Product Documentation site contributed positively to your opinion of ServiceNow and its products?Please provide details in the comments section below. 
8. Please rate your satisfaction with the time you save by using the Product Documentation site to obtain information.
Very DissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedVery Satisfied
9. What is your relationship with ServiceNow?
10. How long have you been using ServiceNow?
11. How do you use ServiceNow?
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