R&E Group Internship Application

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Interning with the Research and Evaluation Group at PHMC
Public Health Management Corporation’s Research & Evaluation Group provides program evaluation, research, and outcome measurement services to nonprofit organizations to help them collect information that can be used for both process and outcome based assessments, and for future program planning.  From study design to statistical analysis, PHMC offers a broad range of experience in all phases of health services research and program evaluation. PHMC works collaboratively with a number of community partners, including health care providers, city and county health and human services agencies, schools, and community-based organizations. 

We offer unpaid internships to graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in developing qualitative and quantitative research and program evaluation skills in a non-profit setting. 

Please submit this form to apply for a Fall 2017 internship with the Research & Evaluation Group at PHMC. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Because most of our projects are funded on July-June cycles, we do not have full information at this time on which projects will require fall interns. Additional fall internships will be posted in August. 

Most interns work on more than one project; this allows interns to enhance their content area expertise in multiple areas and to learn about varied research and evaluation methods. Interns are expected to work 8-20 hours per week, with details arranged on a case by case basis. We rarely have internships available that would involve greater than 20 hours of work per week.