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Muni Farebox Survey

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Muni's new fareboxes and tickets.

This survey should take about 2 minutes to complete.

You and your fellow riders board Muni more than 725,000 times every day. And your responses here will help us improve the payment experience for everyone.
1. How often do you typically pay your Muni fare with cash?
2. Please think about the last time you purchased a ticket using the new Muni farebox. How would you rate your satisfaction with the:
Very satisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery dissatisfied
Overall ticket purchase experience
Ease of the ticket purchase process
Helpfulness of the Muni operator
Clarity of information on the ticket
3. Did you know that you are required to keep your ticket for the entire duration of your trip?
4. Did you know that your ticket is your transfer, whether you planned to ride one route or transfer multiple times?
5. Your Muni ticket should be straightforward and easy to understand. How satisfied are you with its information?
6. Looking at this receipt, how clearly does it state that you may be fined if the full fare amount is not paid?

8. In general, how do you typically get to work, school or other places in San Francisco? 
Check all that apply. 
9. What is your age?