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CPO Rising 2018 - The Age of Intelligence


CPO Rising 2018: The Age of Intelligence

Thank you for participating in Ardent Partners' 13th annual CPO-focused research effort.
Our goal is to publish the definitive "State of Procurement" report for the year and your participation is invaluable!

This year's survey asks questions to gain an understanding of your recent performance and overall focus for the year ahead. The survey also examines the key tools, processes, and strategies that procurement organizations use to successfully drive their operations and performance. If you are not a practitioner, please do not complete the survey - your answers will not be used.

Please note that the last survey question asks if you would be willing to participate in a 20-30 minute interview with the report author, Andrew Bartolini. Your discussion can remain completely anonymous.

As a thank you for taking this ~15 minute survey, you will receive a free copy of this report when it publishes in early April 2018.

Finally, if you find the topics covered by this survey to be relevant to your work, you will find great value in attending our
CPO Rising 2018 Summit in Boston on November 7 & 8.


1. What best describes the alignment between procurement's focus and resources and overall enterprise objectives? 
2. What are the TOP TWO BUSINESS PRESSURES facing your procurement organization today? (Select TWO answers)
3. What are the TOP THREE STRATEGIES that your procurement organization has used or will use to drive procurement initiatives and improve performance? (Select THREE answers)
4. What is needed to get your procurement operation to the next level of performance? (Select the TOP TWO answers)