City of Portland Neighborhood Streets Program - Community Survey

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Welcome to our survey about neighborhood streets in the City of Portland. The Portland Bureau of Transportation has begun the planning process to develop policies and funding options specific to residential side streets. Your input on this survey will help us understand where to focus efforts and what to prioritize in the new Neighborhood Streets Program.

The survey is completely anonymous and your answers will not be tied to you in any way. You may skip any questions, and you can end the survey at any time. If you would like to change any of your responses to previous questions, hit the “back” button at the bottom of the page, but do not hit the “back” arrow on your web browser. If your survey is interrupted and you leave the webpage, you can return at any time to restart the survey, but your previous survey responses will not be saved. The survey takes about 10 minutes.

We appreciate your time and input!

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