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Scale Up Healthcheck Survey

This Scale Up survey is specifically designed for:
  • CEO or Senior Directors
  • Small companies (a few hundred thousand £ up to a few million £ in current turnover)
  • B2B businesses in any sector
  • Established startup businesses and entrepreneurial businesses who have been trading for a number of years but are keen to scale up faster   
How to fill out the survey: 

Score yourself on each statement below on a scale between 1 and 10 where:

1 is Strongly DISAGREE and 10 is Strongly AGREE

Be completely honest - the survey will only add value and help your business improve if you are 100% honest with your responses.
1. Our products/services are outstanding - completely proven, and have the potential to deliver great value to our customers and solve some major challenges they have (NB Remember to score yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is STRONGLY DISAGREE and 10 is STRONGLY AGREE)
2. We have a clearly articulated ‘Why’ statement, which is the purpose, cause and belief that inspires us to do what we do
3. Our products’ value to our customers is clearly expressed in terms of a clear list of benefits, value add and return on investment data, showing the worth of our products from the customer perspective
4. We have a simple, clear Proposition statement (or ‘elevator pitch’) combining the Why and the Value, that everyone in the company knows and can recite easily
5. We take our Proposition very seriously as a key differentiator, to the extent that the sales team regularly practise this Proposition to ensure it sounds authentic and impressive
6. I and my team are 100% passionate about how special our company is and the genuine difference our products make to our customers
7. I believe that I and my other Directors have a responsibility to be regularly out in front of prospects and clients selling our products with passion and leading from the front by personally driving sales 
8. I have already made ‘flagship’ sales to a number of major companies who are now happy to reference the quality of our services
9. I feel I have a good grasp of how to ‘sell’ effectively and this is backed up by my personal sales results
10. I never make excuses such as ‘selling is just not my role’, ‘I just don’t have time to sell at the moment’ or ‘I’m the boss I need to be running things from the office rather than out there selling’.
11. All customers and opportunities are stored in our CRM system, which is used rigorously by everyone that sells, and is always organised and up to date
12. We can produce instant sales forecasts from our CRM which are accurate and realistic and we can also identify our lead:sale conversion rates
13. Our sales people can explain what our ideal target customers look like in terms of sectors, company types/size and specific key buyers/influencers
14. We have identified one key ‘niche’ market which we focus the majority of our collective sales effort on and we have a strong reputation and momentum within this niche
15. As a team we set aside focused ‘sales meeting booking’ time sessions every week where we proactively contact prospects by telephone, email, Linked In/social channels to book in face-to-face sales meetings
16. People are the most important part of our business and we invest huge amounts of time and energy into our people to foster camaraderie, trust and loyalty
17. We have created an inspirational ‘high performance’ sales team culture, in which everyone has a focused mindset, helps each other and are proud to represent our business
18. Our CEO/Senior Directors are involved in recruiting our sales team members and to ensure the highest levels of quality will personally interview each candidate that joins us
19. Our recruitment process has been carefully thought through, designed and documented to ensure a consistent approach for every hire
20. Leadership is at the heart of our growth and we believe in a philosophy of leading by example, mutual respect and a positive ‘coaching’ culture in which we all strive to keep getting better
21. The performance of our salespeople in prospect/client sales meetings is a major focus for us, and we put a lot of effort into working out how to improve our high standards and achieve success from sales meetings
22. We have a structured process to prepare for and build the value of each sales meeting before the actual meeting takes place, and for the meetings themselves we all use a standardised ‘agenda’ structure which maps out the key areas to cover efficiently and effectively
23. I believe curiosity and good questioning skills are the most important sales skills we need to focus on in our sales meetings 
24. At sales meetings, we all use a fully practised, engaging presentation/demonstration which is concise (less than 15 mins) and clearly communicates the value of our services from the customer’s perspective
25. We have an excellent follow up process in place for progressing our sales meetings to ensure we close a healthy percentage of them into sales/new clients in the days/weeks after the meetings
26. I strongly believe you need to be exceptionally good to succeed in business and therefore precision and attention to detail in all aspects of our business are critical
27. Our people all have a precision mindset in which they take the utmost pride in their role and believe that exceeding expectations is important, as well as trying to personally improve every day
28. We understand the importance of building resilience with our people, so that they treat rejection and feedback as an opportunity to improve and refine their performance (and do not take feedback personally or as a negative)
29. I believe (whether we have funding or not) that developing an effective sales engine which produces sales and profit growth is the number one priority for our business
30. Despite the digital world we live in now, I believe that selling is more important than marketing in order to drive the demand and regular sales revenues our business needs