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Innovation Maturity Assessment



Impact Innovation Group is helping organisations understand where and how they're positioned for innovation success, and what they can do to improve. We use this tool to assess the level of integration of innovation within an organisation, for driving business outcomes and other social or sustainability benefits.

This tool also helps innovation champions, intrapreneurs and executive managers identify their organisational strengths in terms of innovation, so this knowledge can inform future decisions about strategic direction, resource allocation, and external engagement. Once you've completed the survey, you'll receive an email with a summary of your responses, which may include suggestions for improving your success rate for outcomes from innovation.

We also collect and compile the data to generate a regular aggregate report on the  'maturity' of established enterprises in Australia. The data improves understanding about where organisations need to focus more, to see real value derived from their innovation efforts and investment. At the beginning of the survey, you can choose to receive a pre-release copy of our non-identifying reports.