Survey for Medical Biller and Claims Specialist

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Sutton Place Psychiatry is the clinical practice of two of New York's top psychiatrists; Alan Manevitz, MD and James Halper, MD. As we continue to expand our business we are always in need of talented goal-oriented people. We are currently in need of a Medical Billing Specialist, an Office Administrator, and an Office Manager.

This brief survey will allow us to be introduced to you and to determine strong candidates for this position. We ask that you be honest and true in your responses.

Thank you for allowing us to get to know you,


Sutton Place Psychiatry
1. How many years of experience doing claims and billing in a medical office? Please select on choice. 
2. Are you able to work fulltime in a midtown manhattan location?
3. How familiar are you with terminology, guidelines and best practices in the medical billing space? 1) not familiar, but I can learn; 2) somewhat comfortable, but I can improve; 3) very comfortable
5. Please upload your resume. 
6. Please provide us the best contact information to reach you.