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Hull Stern Survey


Hi there! Rose here of Hull & Stern. Just want to say thank you for coming here to complete the survey.<3

Back in 2015, my mom had an incident on a trip wherein she accidentally got all of her valuables wet! This included her wallet and two mobile phones. She was afraid of leaving valuables out-of-reach where it might be stolen by strangers. Her valuables didn't get stolen but it got water-logged and damaged. My mom is one of the most careful people that I know so she wasn't able to sleep that night after the loss and regret.

Since then, I've been trying to find a solution that would be a good fit. And I think the best way to find it is just to: ask. If you've ever gone through a similar problem before, I whole-heartedly welcome your feedback and hope I can help develop a solution to your needs.

The survey would just take about 5 minutes. You can also contact me at any time via email at

Thanks and stay safe,