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MLP Big Brother Application

MLP Big Brother Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the Men's Leadership Project in 2018-2019! 
MLP Big Brother applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Apply now!

The Men’s Leadership Project is an innovative community-based leadership development and mentoring program that pairs UVA undergraduate men with local middle school boys. The big brothers and little brothers build strong, respectful relationship that help them both to grow as leaders in their schools, communities and families.

Big and little brothers’ year together begins in the fall and continues through the school year. Big brothers must take Curry School courses with Dr. Peter Sheras in order to ensure that they understand their little brothers’ challenges. These courses prepare the big brothers to be the strong mentors that the boys need to thrive in middle school and beyond.

A group of big brothers and little brothers spends one afternoon per week together at the little brothers’ middle school. Each pair of big and little brothers also gets together in their free time to do things they both enjoy. Activities such as a ropes course are used to bring the whole group together as a team and to challenge the boys to stretch themselves physically and emotionally.

Successfully completing a two-round interview process and a background check is a prerequisite to acceptance into the Men’s Leadership Project.

MLP is sponsored by the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center. Learn more about the Women's Center at:

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We are required to conduct background checks of all MLP Big Brothers. If you are accepted to MLP, we will contact you for your social security number for that purpose.
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