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Three-Minute Measure

Three Minute Measure

1. What is your highest level of education? *This question is required.

Reflecting on the past year, check all that apply:

Space Cell Past 6 mos.Past 6-12 mos.
I have completed at least two large projects/goals (ex.: large renovation project in your home, ran a half-marathon/marathon, implemented new software at work, completely reorganized your basement or garage, researched a product and made a large purchase such as a car, home, or equipment, started a blog, etc.)
Read an inspirational or informative book from start to end
Attended a professional networking event
Attended a seminar, webinar or class (outside any formal education curriculum)
Learned a new skill of relative complexity (i.e. novice level comprehension of a new language, significantly advanced your Excel skills, learned to use new software, etc.), OR taught someone a complex skill they can now perform on their own
Tried a new fitness class or hobby (Zumba, cross-fit, arts & crafts class, cooking class, etc.)
Have mentored someone or convinced someone to try a new skill or hobby.
3. When you are running late for an appointment, what do you MOST often do? *This question is required.

You have a project due in a few days but you are missing critical information and your supervisor is out. Do you…

*This question is required.

You were just promoted to a management position and have the opportunity to work with a colleague from another department to complete a time sensitive project. This colleague is also up for a promotion, yet you recall the he/she had made a significant blunder with a project last year. Do you..

*This question is required.

You've created a new project management system for your department.  Your supervisor has shown little interest in learning more about this tool and you sense that he may not support the change to a new system.  You have the opportunity to highlight the features of your new system in the next department meeting to get collective feedback.  Do you...

*This question is required.

You have a very busy week ahead and you have carefully outlined your priorities and structured your schedule so you can accomplish all of your responsibilities with adequate time.  It is Monday and you were just given the option to upgrade to the newest version of the software you use daily.  This newer program will make things easier and more efficient. However, you will need to spend 2 hours this week to complete the tutorial so you can learn all of the features.  Do you...

*This question is required.

When you have an important project to complete and have access to well-intentioned and motivated team members, which scenario do you prefer work within?  Choose One.

*This question is required.

When learning a new skill, what is MOST important?

*This question is required.

When practicing or demonstrating a skill, at what point is it MOST important to focus on quality?

*This question is required.