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TypingClub in Your Language

Internationalization Questionnaire

We are currently working on making TypingClub available in different languages and for different keyboards. If you are interested in having TypingClub in your language, please take a moment to fill out this form, and we will notify you as soon as TypingClub is available in your language.
3. Do you know what your keyboard layout is?
4. Is there currently a software program that teaches how to type in your native language?

Are you a teacher orĀ administratorĀ of a school system in your country?

6. Is there a dedicated time for students to practice typing during class?
6. Does your school system allocate budget for purchasing software?
6. What grades do you teach typing in your school?
6. Can we count on your help with reviewing and testing the lesson plan in your language?
7. Do you speak English?
This question requires a valid email address.