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Sudo SME for Nillas

This survey has 21 questions and is anonymous and confidential (see our privacy statement). It should take approximately 12 minutes to complete. Feel free to check it out, knowing that at any point you can discontinue without consequence. By clicking on the final "submit" button you will be entered to win a gift certificate (to be drawn in February).

Thank you for completing this anonymous survey contributing to our research into the Top/bottom dynamic in erotic play.

If you have any questions about or comments please contact Dr. Petra Zebroff ( or Dr. Pega Ren ( at
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2. My gender is:
3. My sexual orientation is:
4. My relationship status is:
5. Which of the following best represents your racial or ethnic heritage?
7. I get the most turned-on when:
8. I would get most turned on in an erotic situation if:"Taking control" in a sexual situation can be subtle, including introducing activities or changing positions, or more overt, such as using restraints or role-play.
9. In an average erotic encounter, how easily are you distracted from your erotic thoughts:  (distractions can be worries, thoughts or feelings, such as with your performance, body or everyday life).Choose your current partner. If you are not in relationship at the moment, choose the most recent partner.
10. Take a moment to imagine an ideal erotic scenario. I can get more turned-on if: *This question is required.
Space Cell strongly agreeagreenot relevantdisagreestrongly disagree
I can lead the action
I can feel "big"
I can feel a little exposed
My partner is attentive
My partner is expressive
I can show vulnerability
I can determine what happens next
I can be passive to the action
I can defer to my lover
I am actively encouraged to let go
I don't have to make decisions
I can be creative
I can enter a trance-like state
I can feel powerful
I can be assertive
I can anticipate the next action
I can have my sexual limits pushed
I can feel in control
I can let go of making decisions
I can set the pace
I can be independent
I can merge with my partner
I can be resourceful
I can be responsible for what happens next
I trust my partner knows what to do next
I can feel forceful
11. How much of a turn-on are each of the following erotic scenarios (to think about or to do)? *This question is required.Be honest! Your answers are completely anonymous.
Space Cell Strong turn-onModerate turn-onMild turn-onNot a turn on
Pushing my partner's sexual limits
Having my sexual limits pushed
Directing what happens next
Being directed in what happens next
"Forcing" my partner (in play)
"Being forced" (in play)
Evoking sensation
Receiving sensation
Rendering my partner helpless (in play)
Being helpless (in play)
Restraining my partner
Being restrained
Controlling my partner
Being controlled
Pushing my partner against a wall
Being pushed against a wall
Leading my partner
Following my partner's lead
Taking charge, leading the activity
Letting go, allowing a partner to take charge of the activity
Holding my partner down
Being held down
Knowing what is going to happen next
Not knowing what will happen next
Dominating my partner
Submitting to my partner
Asserting myself
Surrendering to the situation
Spanking a partner
Being spanked by a partner
Being positioned by my partner
Positioning my partner
Tying a partner up
Being tied up
Planning the next move
Awaiting for the next move
Setting up a sexy environment
Having my partner set up a sexy environment for me
Commanding my partner
Being commanded
Directing or reassuring my partner to be passive
“Letting go” of having to do anything
12. I believe my partner may judge me if:  (choose as many as apply to you)
You can write about the first one that comes to mind, or, if you think of several, write about on that is common for you, or that is one of your favorites.
Please describe in detail the specific scene, series of events, sensations, feelings, dynamics and thoughts that were experienced  by you and the other figures in your fantasy.