NK360° Summer Educator Institute Application

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Thank you for your interest in applying for the National Museum of the American Indian’s Native Knowledge 360° Summer Educator Institute to Support Effective Education About American Indians

Applications must be submitted online by midnight EST, Friday, April 14, 2017.   
Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by Monday, May 15, 2017.
All communication, including acceptance notification, will occur via email. Please provide an email address to which you will have regular access throughout the summer. Once your application has been successfully submitted, you will receive an email from NMAI-NK360@si.edu with a copy of your application.  (Please add NMAI-NK360@si.edu to your address book to avoid this email going into your spam folders and delaying your receipt.) 

Things to know before starting the application:
  • You will need to provide contact information for yourself and your school and answer questions about your position and grades/subjects with which you work.  In addition, you will need to respond to five (5) statements and upload two (2) documents.
  • It is best to complete the application in one session; however, you will have the option of stopping and providing an email address so that the link to your partially completed application can be sent to you. This will allow you to return to the form and complete your application at a later time. 
  • We strongly recommend that you prepare your responses in advance so that you can easily copy/paste directly into the application:   
  1. Please tell us about yourself with specific focus on how the Institute supports your professional development goals. How would participation in this Institute enhance your classroom teaching? (100-300 words)
  2. What do you hope to gain from the experience? How would you contribute a unique perspective or skill set? (100-300 words) 
  3. Please explain the challenges and/or successes you have had in teaching about American Indians. If your state has curricular mandates for teaching about American Indians, please address how you meet them. If you teach about American Indian removal, please discuss your instructional approach. (100-300 words)
  4. Describe an example of how you used an innovation or creative teaching approach in your classroom. (100-300 words) 
  5. In what ways do you use technology in the classroom to enhance student learning? How does your school support the use of technology? (50-200 words)
Finally, please also be prepared to upload the following documents:
  1. One letter of support from a department chair, school or district administrator, academic dean, or grade-level coordinator at your school.
  2. A current resume or curriculum vitae of no more than two (2) pages. 

NOTE: Prompts with a red * indicate a required element.