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OCS Practice Test

1. General Coding Principles: You are taking after-hours call for your call group. A surgical patient from another physician is seen over the weekend with complications of her surgery.  Which of the following statements is true? *This question is required.
2. ICD-10: The correct ICD-10 code for a patient with primary open-angle glaucoma in the right eye, moderate stage is which of the following? *This question is required.
3. Modifiers: For the convenience of the patient, a capsulotomy is performed in the right eye on the same day as cataract surgery in the left eye.  Which of the following modifier scenarios is correct for commercial payers? *This question is required.
4. Cataract/Anterior SegmentThe patient requires a piggyback IOL to correct a miscalculated lens power.  Which of the following is the correct CPT code? *This question is required.
5. CorneaWhat is the correct CPT code for a corneal transplant on a patient who has had previous cataract surgery and a transplant with a corneal ulcer perforation? *This question is required.
6. GlaucomaWhich of the following statements is true regarding injections given in the office setting during the global period of a glaucoma surgical procedure? *This question is required.
7. Oculofacial: Twenty units of functional Botox were injected from a single vial. How many units should be reported as J0585-JW? *This question is required.
8. Optical Dispensing: Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding postcataract glasses? *This question is required.
9. Pediatrics/Strabismus: Pediatric patient undergoes CPT code 68815 Probing of nasolacrimal duct, with or without irrigation; with insertion of tube or stent. On today’s visit, outside the global period, the tube is removed in the office. Which of the following statements is true? *This question is required.
10. Retina: A person with diabetes undergoes a pars plana vitrectomy, preretinal membrane peel, repositioning and suturing of the dislocated IOL. Which CPT code(s) are appropriate for claims submission? *This question is required.
11. Testing Services: When simultaneously performing ICG and FA, CPT code 92242 and fundus photography, CPT code 92250 bilaterally, which of the following statements is true? *This question is required.
12. Exams: What is the correct level of established patient exam when documentation supports a detailed history, expanded exam and high risk medical decision making? *This question is required.
13. CCI/ MUE: When all four lids have a lesion removed, how should you submit CPT code 67840 Excision of lesion of eyelid (except chalazion) without closure or with simple direct closure to Medicare Part B?
  *This question is required.
14. Vision Rehab: If the patient is diagnosed with ICD-10 code H54.0X53, what is their vision? *This question is required.
15. Neuro-ophthalmology: When billing examinations, what set of codes can a neuro-ophthalmologist submit? *This question is required.