Classes can visit the Discovery Garden through one of our hands-on education programmes.

These 90-minute sessions incorporate the themes of sustainability, interconnectedness and culture to encourage respect for the natural environment, and focus on the importance of plants for food, fibre, construction, or medicine.

Please be prompt and ready to start your session at the agreed time.

Confirmation of your request

Once you submit this form we will contact you within five working days to confirm your booking or offer alternate dates, if we are unable to accommodate you. If your booking is confirmed we will invoice you after your visit.


Sessions cost $3.50 – $6 per student. To be eligible for the lower rate, you will need to complete a short survey within 7 days from the date you receive it.

We charge for a minimum of 10 students – if your group has less than 10, we'll still charge you for 10 students.